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Sun Jun 17, 2018 9:37 pm

Hi Supla,
Can you please add voice controll to your app, like Siri or Ok Google? With the ability to assign a name to the voice assistant. That he responded to him.
Best wishes,
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Sat Jun 23, 2018 3:22 pm

Hi Twist

i am not a SUPLA's developer team member (i am a supla user) . As i know , SUPLA will be integrated with google home (assistant) may be this year - i am waiting for this too , probably like you :)

For now i have my own solution for this :
1) i created supla scripts (https://supla.fracz.com/login) with public URLs - this scripts are scenes for me (turn on/off devices, open/close blinds, …...) .
2) i configured my tablet (phone) for English language (becasue google assistant works only in english now - this year google promised to extend google assistant to other languages)
3) then i use IFTTT as a brigde between : google assistant (home) <-> SUPLA scripts (public URLs). I use two services in IFTTT : "google assistant" simple phrase, and "webhook" .

Example : IF "google assistant" = "Turn on all ligths in living room" THEN i start "webhook" service, where first parameter is URL (this is my public URL created in point 1, to switch on all ligths in living room)

i created ..... more that 30 supla scripts (scenes) to control my home by scenes. Then i configured voice command in IFTTT for this scenes. And now i can control my all devices in my home .

Example of my commands:
if i say : "Ok google , i' m going to sleep my friend" (IFTTT is configured for phrase "i' m going to sleep my friend" as you can see , without "Ok, google") then all lights in the living room will be turned off , water pomp will be off, Cameras on the ground floor are ON, all blinds on the ground floor will be closed,......

if i say : "Turn on to water the garden" then i turn on sonnof device for my water valve, and my garden "is drinking" the water :)

good luck !! :)

of course you can use GOOGLE HOME or GOOGLE HOME MINI or GOOGLE HOME MAX devices instead of phone or tablet :)
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Thu Jul 26, 2018 1:34 pm

ciao supla,
progetto fantastico
ci sono speranze che ci si possa collegare con google home come succede con ewelink?
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