4 shutters Esp8266 Mcp23017 24C32

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4 blinds
8 push buttons
4 sensors
temperature ntc 10 Kohm
with memory in case of power loss
status led Slow flashing (0.8 seconds) connecting wifi
Fast flashing (0.2 seconds) wifi configuration


Gpio16(D0) --Status Led (conect to +3.3v whit 220ohm)
Gpio 5(D1) --SCL Mcp23017
Gpio 4(D2) --SDA Mcp23017
Gpio 3(RX) --Sensor 1 PULLUP
Gpio14(D5) --Sensor 2 PULLUP
Gpio12(D6) --Sensor 3 PULLUP
Gpio13(D7) --Sensor 4 PULLUP
Gpio 2(D4) --Mcp23017-Reset

VCC - - +3.3
Gnd - - GND
SCL - - esp Gpio 5(D1)
SDA - - esp Gpio 4(D2)
RESET - esp Gpio 2(D4)
Gpio A0 --Relay 1 Shut
Gpio A1 --Relay 1 Reveal
Gpio A2 --Relay 2 Shut
Gpio A3 --Relay 2 Reveal
Gpio A4 --Relay 3 Shut
Gpio A5 --Relay 3 Reveal
Gpio A6 --Relay 4 Shut
Gpio A7 --Relay 4 Reveal

Gpio B0 --Button 1 Reveal
Gpio B1 --Button 1 Shut
Gpio B2 --Button 2 Reveal
Gpio B3 --Button 2 Shut
Gpio B4 --Button 3 Reveal
Gpio B5 --Button 3 Shut
Gpio B6 --Button 4 Reveal
Gpio B7 --Button 4 Shut

Pin 1 -- Gnd
Pin 2 -- Gnd
Pin 3 -- Gnd
Pin 4 -- Gnd
Pin 5 -- SDA - Esp Gpio 4(D2)
Pin 6 -- SCL - Esp Gpio 5(D1)
Pin 7 -- Gnd
Pin 8 -- Vcc +3.3V


To bring the device into configuration mode, in this case press Reset_Button 2 times
When in configuration mode, the device goes into Access Point mode.

In order to enter or change the settings, you need to:

- Sign in at https://cloud.supla.org (registration is free of charge)
- Connect to WiFi called „Supla R4” from any computer with a wireless network card and Internet browser.
- Open access page:
- Enter user name and password to the WiFi through which the device will get Internet access.
- Enter Server address, Location ID and Location Password, which will be provided once you sign in at cloud.supla.org

compiled firmware
(894.35 KiB) Downloaded 56 times
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